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Our Goals


1. Development of the "whole child", emotional, social, intellectual, along with a sense of "well being" in the world. 

2. To creatively explore and meet the needs of each child individually, recognizing all of our inherent differences. 

3. To foster high self-esteem, and ongoing self-confidence in all our children. 

4. To help children develop positive social skills and form good relationships with other children and adults, and to have a sense of belonging within a group.

5. To foster self-motivated, independent learning and work skills in each child. 

6. To encourage children to have a good attention span, and the ability to focus and stay on task. 

7. To teach logic, and a step-by-step approach to problem solving. 

8. To encourage the child's creative thinking in artistic pursuits, as well as academic pursuits, and play. 

9. To develop the child's vocabulary, along with speech and communication skills. 

10. We want our children to love, to learn, and create. To be highly prepared for kindergarten, and to look forward to their next school year!

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