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What We Do


We believe that preschool age children have an infinite capacity to learn and a natural curiosity about the world around them. We only have to create an environment that serves this purpose. This is how we do it...... 

We have a work room where children work with hands-on learning materials. These materials cover a broad range of subjects, the phonetic alphabet, Montessori math concepts, geography, world and space, training of all the senses, spacial relations, visual perception, and numerous other concepts. All the materials stress organizational skills and step-by-step procedure. They foster self-motivated learning and staying on task. 

For creative problem solving, we encourage children to really explore the materials. Children can work individually, or with another 1 or 2 friends in this organized form of play. The teachers are there to help children master the materials, keep them on task, thinking creatively, relating well to other children in their learning activities, and to give them new projects for ongoing progress. We keep this progress recorded for each child.


In this room all children have a group lesson where the above subjects are taught. Children learn to listen and participate in the group. In the group, the phonetic alphabet is used to help children learn to build and recognize words as beginning readers. The math program shows children the whole number system by using beads, blocks, rods, and geometric shapes. We have had very great success in these areas of development, as we have been told by many Kindergarten teachers over the years. Our children are very strong in the phonetic approach to reading and have math skills that carry through into their elementary school years.


In the group lessons we also cover many other subjects and concepts, including language and vocabulary development, attention span, and listening skills.


Also in the work room we provide many paper projects which children can choose to enjoy and which help them develop their fine motor skills for writing and drawing. Children can do paper work individually. Each week the class sits down as a group to follow directed instructions by a teacher for an organized art project. We emphasize creativity, as well as following directions. Learning how to draw is also incorporated. Our children are very well prepared for this aspect of elementary school. 

We have two other rooms which all children are in class every day. One is for small motor creative play. Toys in this room encourage imagination, building skills, puzzles, paper skills, and other play concepts. Children learn to share and communicate with each other, and have fun. Also in this room all children have a group lesson every class time. These lessons cover science, (science projects are on display for children to observe and discuss), language, community, crafts, and a music program that incorporates singing, rhythm, movement, musical instruments, the musical notes, and music appreciation; an excellent music program! The activities in this room add to and enhance our whole learning curriculum.


Our third room is primarily for large motor play, climbing, ball activities, balance, large blocks, and imagination toys. All children can have time in this room. It is orderly and well supervised. When weather permits, we have an outside lawn, where we conduct some of our activities. Our school is well structured and at the same time, offers children creative freedom to learn and grow. We have found that when children are engaged in meaningful learning and play activities, not only do they grow academically, but their social and communication skills grow accordingly.


Within this learning program we strive to evaluate each child, and meet individual learning styles and social needs. Our classroom atmosphere is caring, and is one of positive interactions. Therefore we have little need to discipline children because they are happy and self-disciplined. Most problems can be easily reasoned out. In this atmosphere much learning takes place and we have great fun! We hope your child can join us.

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