School Information

Pick Up and Drop Off
For regular classes which begin at 9:00 A.M., the doors open at 8:50 A.M. We ask that children be picked up promptly after classes are over at 11:30. We ask that a responsible adult accompany each child into the school, and be there at pick-up time, in order to allow us to release each child directly from their classroom to the responsible adult. 

Conferences will be held at any time that the parents or the school requests. We are always happy to have a conference in order to update on a child's progress, and we will contact parents for a conference anytime we feel it would be beneficial or necessary. Scheduled conferences for all students that meet the age requirement for kindergarten are held at the end of the year. 

Visiting School
Every spring we hold an open house for parents, grandparents, and relatives. This is an opportunity to stay as long as you like, do school activities together, look at the children's artwork, and have refreshments with your children's friends and families. Parents needing to observe their child in a classroom setting may set up a visit with a teacher at any time throughout the year. 




We serve a snack to the children, middle of the morning, everyday. We avoid heavily sweetened foods by serving popcorn, crackers, cereals, etc. If a child has special dietary needs, we will serve them the snack you provide. Children are invited to share a birthday treat with their class. We appreciate advanced notice for this.




We, of course, ask that a child who is sick does not attend school until he or she is medically ready to return. We will separate a child who becomes ill while at school from other children and care for them until a responsible party can be contacted and pick that child up.

When weather is questionable, a decision to have classes will be made by 6:15 AM. Please check your email, local news station, and our Cinnamon Hill Facebook page.



We observe the same national holidays as the Rapid City Public Schools. We do NOT close on any other days the Public Schools may be closed.


Show and Tell

We have a planned curriculum, which invites the children to bring appropriate items, which correlate with the current lessons, to share with their class. This is a lot of fun for the children. We keep you informed as to the kinds of things to send with your child.